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Project management :

  • Design studies
  • Production
  • Delivery on site
  • Installation
  • Customer acceptance
  • Determination of blockage points at plant and on site
  • Preparation of user manual and maintenance procedures

Radiation protection :

  • Lead shielding, lead-paraffin doors for nuclear medicine, shielded radiology booths
  • Lead shielding for linear accelerators, utility access baffles (fluids, electricity), shielded cells, storage containers…
  • Neutron shielding
  • Booths offering a high level of protection against X-rays and neutrons for use with synchrotron beams
  • Lead rolls

Chemistry :

  • Acid-proofing, bonded lead lining (storage tanks, reactors…)
  • Anodes
  • Coils, exchangers, electro-filters, maintenance of lead acid-transfer equipment
  • Lead sheet metal work

Validation and guarantee of completion :

  • Constructor’s files
  • Organisation according to quality assurance plan
  • Validation and inspection by accredited external organisations
  • MASE/UIC safety certification
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